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We are recommended by CAA HABITATION, certified by EMPLOI QUÉBEC and members of CTEQ (corporation des techniciens en électroménagers du Québec).

When placing a service call, you can make the diagnostic easier for the technician by following these simple recommendations:


  Avoid opening and dismantling the appliance yourself. More often than not, it is of no use and could even be detrimental to the diagnostic.
  Never remove the identity plate/sticker holding the model and serial number of your household appliance. These numbers are essential in order to find the right replacement parts and adequate technical support for your unit.
  When a problem appears on an appliance with an electronic control board, at times, you can rest the control by unplugging the unit for 1 minute and reconnect. However, when a refrigerator shows a temperature problem, you should leave the unit plugged-in until a technician makes a diagnostic.

 Call SERVA PLUS for a quick appliance repair assessment with one of our experts. Our dispatchers will promptly schedule you a service call, weather morning, afternoon, evening or weekend with one of our qualified technician, according to your needs. We service the entire region of Montreal and Soth Shore.

With our fast, courteous service and a flexible schedule...


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