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We are recommended by CAA HABITATION, certified by EMPLOI QUÉBEC and members of CTEQ (corporation des techniciens en électroménagers du Québec).

Most dryers are powered by a 240v supply. All appliances, includind dryers must be grounded. If there is a short circuit in the machine, call a professional repairman from SERVA PLUS to ascert if the unit is safe to use. 

Avoid overloading your washer or dryer. Too much clothes will generate an overheat of the motor and damage the parts of the drive system. If the motor clicks on the thermal protection, reduce the load of clothes from the machine before restarting it.

Washers & Dryers have 2 types of timers. One of them is an electronic timer with a digital display. Those timer display could lose the D.E.L on the display board. On a mecanical timer, a faint buzz could be heard indicating that the gears have blocked during a cycle, a failure of the contacts within is also a possibility.

Dryer elements must be well ventilated to avoid overheating. A good air flow in the exhaust system is required to avoid failure and also be efficient. Needless to say the biggest risk, of course, is a fire.

Our appliance repairmen are qualified for washer and dryer repair and can accomodate you in the morning, afternoon and evenings either weekdays or weekends at no extra cost.

So if you're looking for a washer & dryer repair, call SERVA PLUS today to schedule a fast and efficient service.

SERVA PLUS is your expert for all your washer & dryer repairand installation.


With a 1 year written warranty and a professionnal and courteous service...


...That's the PLUS service at SERVA !