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If your electrical cooktop needs to be repaired, give SERVA PLUS  a call. We have the professional experience to handle your electrical cooktop repair with ease and efficiency.

You have bought the perfect cooktop. Now you just need it installed exactly where you want it in the kitchen. Call Serva Plus!  We’re expert professionals who specialize in installing electrical cooktops of any dimension. We have years of experience installing and repairing most major brands of electrical cooktops. We can also give you advice before you buy a cooktop, as we are familiar with the major brands and their product specifications.

About Electrical Cooktops

No kitchen is complete without a stove, and that is precisely what a cooktop is. A cooktop is built directly into your counter, often completely separate from an oven. Electrical appliances are a great alternative to Gas powered appliances. They also do not require an open flame for you to cook with them, making them safer for a family environment.

Professional Installation

A proper installation of your range or oven will ensure that the chance of any issues occurring will be very low in the future.  By measuring the dimensions of your kitchen, taking into account the layout of the other appliances, and making sure we know what you want, we can install your electrical cooktop exactly where you want it in your kitchen.

Professional Repair

If something you did not expect happens to your cooktop, our expert technicians can make sure your appliance is in working order again in no time at all.  Trust us with all of your kitchen repair needs, including cooktops and any other cooking appliances.  We will know how to handle your kitchen appliances better than anyone else – especially if we are the ones who installed it in your kitchen in the first place.

When you need your electrical cooktop repaired or need a new electrical cooktop installed, contact us – your appliance service experts on the South Shore!

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