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Parts :  1 888 474-8376

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Service : 514 686-7026 (Montreal)

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Parts :  1 888 474-8376


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Refrigerator / Freezer Installation and Repair in Montreal and South Shore


You deserve the absolute best quality appliances for your kitchen.  After all, life in your home revolves around the kitchen.  It is the place where you cook meals, talk with the other members of your household, and generally start and end your day.

If you need a refrigerator or freezer installed or repaired, Serva Plus can help. Your refrigerator and freezer need to be installed professionally and maintained to preserve their functionality and life. We can assist you in repairing and maintaining your existing model, as well as ensuring that your new refrigerator and freezer are installed in the proper manner.  


About Refrigerators and Freezers


To maximize on food storage and to make less trips to a basement freezer, a combination refrigerator and freezer is often the best choice for many households.  These combination appliances come in many different models, designs, measurements, and price points. Deciding which product best fits your family’s needs and space is a complicated decision that will affect your comfort in years to come. We can help you choose the best model and style for your family’s needs. 




We can ensure your refrigerator and freezer are installed properly to ensure that the chance of any problems, leaks, or other issues occurring will be very low in the future.  By measuring the dimensions of your kitchen, taking into account the layout of the other appliances, and making sure we know what you want specifically, we can install your refrigerator, freezer, or refrigerator/freezer combinations , exactly where you want them.




If unforeseen problems or issues in your home occur and effect your refrigerator or freezer – like a flood or a power surge for example, our expert technicians at Serva Plus can make sure your electrical appliance is in working order again in no time at all.  Trust us with all of your kitchen repair needs, including freezers, refrigerators and any other appliances.  We will know how to treat your kitchen appliances better than anyone else – especially if we are the ones who installed the appliance in the first place. 


When you need a new refrigerator / freezer installed, or just need a freezer or refrigerator repaired, contact Serva Plus for expert appliance service in Montreal and surrounding areas.