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Having an efficient gas clothes dryer can make the difference in your gas bill at the end of the year. A dryer is one of the most convenient and essential appliances in your home, which is why it is vital to ensure that your dryer is properly installed and regularly maintained.

About Gas Dryers

Clothes dryers have become a staple of daily life all over the world.   With a good washer and dryer, you can free up more of your time for other activities instead of taking time to hang a load of clothes up to dry.  Hanging up your clothes outside in the summer time is a great way to save money, but in the winter time, that is not possible. Gas dryers come in many different models, designs, and dimensions.


We can ensure your gas dryer is installed properly so that the chance of any problems, gas leaks, or other issues will be incredibly low.  By measuring the dimensions of your home and making sure we know what you want specifically, we can install your gas dryer exactly where you want it in your home.


If something comes up with the functionality of your dryer, call Serva Plus  to help you get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Trust us with all of your household appliance repair needs, including gas dryers and any other gas appliances on the South Shore.  We will know how to treat your household appliances better than anyone else – especially if we are the ones who installed the appliance in the first place.

When you are looking to install a new gas dryer you have purchased, or just need a gas dryer repaired, contact Serva Plus today.

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