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Electric vs. Gas Stoves

Cooking with gas and cooking with electricity can each have their values and drawbacks.  It is important to take into account both options when looking for a new stove. Most of what you eat will be prepared on your new stove, so picking the type of appliance that is right for you should not be taken lightly.

Cooking with Gas Appliances

A gas range like the Samsung Cooktop stove can have lots of capacity, plenty of room for different elements, and will heat up faster than a stove with electrical elements.  There is a reason the old expression ‘now you’re cooking with gas’ is so applicable to so many situations, and a reason why professional chefs in kitchens across the world cook  exclusively with gas stoves and ovens.  With a gas range from a supplier like VikingKitchenAid or Wolf, your meals will be made faster without question, and get your delicious creations on the table in no time.

Cooking with Electrical Appliances

Electrical stoves and ovens could very well be a little lighter on your wallet in both monthly costs and in initial pricing of the hardware.  Though electrical stoves and ovens do not heat up as quickly in comparison to gas stoves and ovens, they are far easier to clean and very safe to do so – especially when working with a glass-topped electric stove where burnt food and residue comes off with minimal effort, given the right cleaning supplies.

Electrical stoves, ovens and appliances like those offered by Whirlpool and GE, are perfect for the chef at home who wants the peace of mind of never having to remember to turn off the gas for their kitchen appliances.

Both gas ranges and ovens and electrical stoves and ovens have their merits and either type of appliance would make an excellent addition to any home.  The right cooking appliances can make the difference between an average meal and an exceptional one.  Take some time to figure out which is right for you – and happy cooking! Serva Plus installs gas and electric cooking appliances.


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