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How to Keep Your Fridge Running Smoothly

The most common appliance that people call us about is their fridge. After all, it is the most important appliance in the home. Knowing how to keep your fridge running smoothly will help you keep your electricity bill down and extend the life of your appliance. Here are a few tips that we recommend:

Pay attention to the rubber gasket
The rubber gasket around the door of your fridge is what creates a tight seal, keeping warm air out and maintaining a cool temperature. As age begins to wear on your seals, they could weaken. With more warm air entering the refrigerator, your appliance has to work harder to maintain the temperature. Cleaning the seals periodically will prevent that they harden, crack and tear. If your door seals become wavy, just heat them up with a hair dryer and mold them back into shape so they adhere straight on the door frame. If the seals are torn, make sure to call us to replace them promptly in order to prevent overburden of your compressor. You can keep your fridge running smoothly and keep your bills down easily with these simple tips.

Clean the condenser coils
The condenser coils are what ensure cooling. Without them, it’d be impossible to remove heat from inside the fridge. Since they are warm and located at the back or under the unit, it is easy for dust and other particles to collect on them. This not only lessens the performance, it puts a lot of strain on the compressor to make up for it. Cleaning the condenser coils is as simple as pulling the fridge out, removing the grill at the bottom and cleaning the coils with a condenser brush and vacuum cleaner. You can buy a condenser brush (part #5304429018) from SERVAPARTS by phone at 1-888-474-8376.

Adjust the level
The level of your fridge actually matters a lot for efficiency. If the unit is not leveled, the doors won’t close properly and some vibrations might develop. Also, you can adjust the front legs in order for the doors to close with just a little swing and prevent that they remain ajar.

Limit the prolonged openings of the doors
As you load up your fridge on your way back from doing the groceries, make sure to bring the food close to the unit and prepare the different piles so that the whole process is swift, limiting the entry of warm air. Each time you open the door, especially on a hot summer day, warm air gets inside the fridge cabinet. This warm air, on contact with cold the surfaces, will consequently produce humidity and condensation which will develop into frost and unhealthy mildew. Therefore, you should restrain from prolonged door openings while cooking and boiling food on the stove which is usually next to the fridge and also putting warm items like hot soup in the fridge or freezer.

These tips will help keep your energy bills down and extend the life of your refrigerator. Keeping your fridge running smoothly is as simple as a little bit of cleaning and maintenance. Preventative maintenance is always the best way to save money, so make sure you hire an experienced appliance repair company to keep your appliances running in optimum shape.

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