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Are you looking for a repairman for a refrigerator repair or a fridge in St-Bruno. We offer a fast, courteous and efficient repair service throughout the South Shore.

Our team of Serva Plus technicians travel all over the South Shore to carry out repairs on refrigerators and freezers, particularly in the city of St-Bruno. Whether for a temperature problem, a noisy unit or even for an installation, you can count on our expertise to quickly find a solution to your problem.


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Getting started

Noisy fridges are the worst. Not only are they a burden on your ears, but they are also a burden on your pockets. The noise comes from faulty evaporator and condenser fans or simply because they rub on something.

There are several reasons for this excessive noise, but the most common are the accumulation of debris near the condenser (coil below) or ice accumulated on the evaporator (coil in the freezer). In the latter case, it is indeed a problem of the defrost cycle that must be solved by a qualified repairer.


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Warm fridge

The problem is this: whatever you do with setting your fridge’s thermostat, it’s just not cold enough. This is a common problem, which can occur both with separate refrigerators and with those combined with freezing units, which is perhaps more common.

The cold air that enters your refrigerator compartment and keeps your food cool is usually generated by your freezing unit. This is the reason why these handset devices are popular.

The freezer is usually equipped with an evaporation fan, which passes cold air through a diffuser to the fridge section. This diffuser may break or the air duct may become clogged, preventing the fan from performing its work.


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In conclusion

We offer you a fixed price pricing that includes travel, diagnosis and labor of unlimited duration. Wherever you are in the St-Bruno area, we can schedule you a fast morning, afternoon, evening or weekend service at no extra cost.

If your fridge needs a repair, a simple adjustment or if you have to have it installed, do not hesitate to contact our team of technicians. We will take your service call with a flexible time slot and 30 minutes’ notice giving you the time you need to travel from the outside.  Visit our blog to consult the different articles guiding you to the multiple solutions for your appliances.

We are recommended by CAA HABITATION, certified by EMPLOI QC and members of the CTEQ.

SERVA PLUS (450) 486-3800 (South Shore)

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