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When buying a new household appliance, it is useful and recommended to know the different brands and models associated with the different manufacturers who make them. You can get acquainted with the different brands of appliances, the manufacturers who produce them, their origins and ultimately their reliability.

As for their reliability, we suggest you check out our article on the best appliance brands in 2022.  We have gathered a list of the different brands that we see every day during our service calls. Thus, this led us to establish a score applied to each major manufacturer and ultimately, our final recommendation.


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Many of our technicians have often heard from customers “I had several problems with my Whirlpool appliance, so from now on I will only buy Kitchenaid! ». These two brands are actually manufactured by the same company. Indeed, manufacturers, such as Whirlpool assemble several of their household appliances under different brands and models.

As technicians in the field for more than 2 decades, it is easy for us to easily spot the signs showing the similarity of two models made by the same manufacturer. In addition to the fact that we know by heart the different brands regrouped under the same banner, we actually see this redundant technology specific to the manufacturer and their patents. Especially when it comes to the drive system.


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So, who does what?


Here is a list of the top 3 North American manufacturers as well as their sub-brands:



Inglis,  Kitchenaid,   Roper,   Admiral,   Maytag,   Jenn-air,   Amana,   Modern maid,   Speed queen,   etc.



Frigidaire Gallery,   Gibson,   Kelvinator,  Roy,  Tappan,   White Westinghouse,   etc.



GE,  General Electric,  CAMCO,   Hotpoint,   Mcclary,   Moffat,   Monogram,   Profile,   etc.


A little bit of history

At the beginning of the industrial era, small companies, young and innovative, offered for the first time, the luxury of washing clothes by a mechanical and electrical process. Then another, found the solution to the preservation of perishable foods by a process of compression of refrigerant gases.

Of course, the great innovations that change the world also bring an unprecedented level of fierce competition and ultimately a winner and a loser. Thus, over the years, the first manufacturers of household appliances such as Kelvinator, Caloric, Tappan and other deans of the kind in the appliance industry, have been agglomerated in turn by their competitors.


The dance of giants

Today, it is still difficult to navigate. For example; the American manufacturer General Electric, which was equally in share with CAMCO, was acquired in 2005 by the Mexican company Mabe, to then conglomerate its assets to the Swedish manufacturer Electrolux, which in the end, was be swallowed up in 2016, by the Chinese giant Haier in a historic transaction of $ 5.4 billion.

It’s easy to get lost in this jungle, especially when European and Asian manufacturers get involved. Indeed, it is not uncommon nowadays for an Asian company, for example Samsung, to have a model of household appliance built by a North American manufacturer and vice versa.

As if the cards were not scrambled enough, many department stores now have their household appliances made by everyone and affix their own labels to them; SEARS, among others, was a perfect example with the Kenmore brand, once the most-selling brand in the country.

Other department stores now also have their own labels, such as Brick with the Brada brand, Brault and Martineau with Euro Design or Best Buy with Insignia.


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In conclusion

How to find your way around? Only one solution… a good salesperson. Only he, if he’s knowledgeable and knows his products well, will be able to enlighten you, as much on the manufacturer as well as the origin of the appliance. So, if you were disappointed with your last purchase and vow not to be fooled again by the same brand, make sure you change manufacturers and not just buy another one of their products under a different label.

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